Designated network of premium,
well established Principals

China (branch office)
S. Korea
Singapore (branch office)
Bangladesh (exclusive agents)
North Europe & Baltic Sea
Turkey & Black Sea (exclusive agents)
S. Africa/ Mauritius
Brazil (exclusive agents)
USA & Caribbean

Exclusive Representation

MAST Maritime Services S.A. acts as main agent of :

MarineShaft - Denmark

Offshore Reparos Navais - Brazil

SeaGull Marine - Bangladesh

around the world.

Our Principals’ teams consist of mechanical specialists, electricians, electronic specialists, steel workers, quality engineers who have excellent quality and standards in repair field such as:

  • Main Machinery repair, maintenance and renewal
  • Auxiliary machinery repair, maintenance and renewal
  • Ultrasonic cleaning operations
  • Chemical cleaning operations
  • Mechanical equipment repair, maintenance and renovation
  • Turbocharger repair and maintenance
  • Aux. Engine’s crankshaft repair and replacement
  • Electrical equipment repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Electric motor balancing
  • Bridge and navigational equipment service, maintenance and repair
  • Hydraulic equipment repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Crane Repairs
  • Steelwork Repairs