Zhangjiagang Jiu Sheng


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Zhangjiagang Jiu Sheng Shipyard Co., Ltd.:

Located on the south bank of the Yangtze River at Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, close to the Beijing- Shanghai Highway and the cross-junction of the Highway along Yangtze River with its west side bordering Jiangyin City. Eight kilometers upstream locates Jiangyin Port Terminal, and two kilometers downstream Zhangjiagang Port Terminal. So it’s very convenient for ships to enter and park into the shipyard. What’s more, it’s only 173 km away from Shanghai, 113 km from Suzhou and 57 km from Wuxi by land, and 144 km away from Wusong Estuary of Shanghai by water. East longitude 120 ° 17 ‘ and north latitude 31 ° 57’, it is an ideal base for ship repair.


It covers an area of 123,000 square meters, and owns a 100,000-ton (45 × 255 × 12.9 m) dry dock, a 50,000-ton (35 × 210 × 12.9 m) dry dock and three berths of a 265- meter-long outfitting pier. In addition, another six berths are expected to be completed in July this year. Its piers and docks are equipped with 80T , 30T 25T and 15T cranes. The company has a 9500-square-meter integrated ship repair workshop and a 50 T traveling crane with 30-meter span as well as supporting facilities with functions like digital cutting, cold working, machining, motor repairing, etc. The designed annual production capacity is 120 vessels for ship-repair and conversion.


Drydocks Specifications


Dock Name Length (M) Width (M) Capacity (DWT)
Dock No. 1
255.00 45.00 100.000
Dock No. 2
210.00 35.00 50.000