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Yeosu Ocean reformation targets shipyard, specializing in small and medium sized ships’ repair workshop, agreeing with the 21st century.

According to the above concept toward new takeoff, Yeosu Ocean promotes to create new future in ship repair industry, based on consistent changes and renovation.


In 1979, they practiced and opened our business under the name, “Sinyung Shipyard Inc”, supported by technical power and know-how, having accumulated from last 32 years, currently, they come to possess ship repair experiences, approaching to about 1,700 ships, and also, our repair staff consists of the best technicians, under which background they will devote the whole our capability to be titled as the best ship repair company in future as well.

At the same time, in order to effectively and effciently achieve the above our goals, first, we provide the best service for customers throught our appointed core values such as creation, spirit of challenge, customer first, know-how, etc, under which core value we promise to you that we will take off toward The World Best, Yeosu Ocean co., ltd once more as orienting to ‘The Best Ship Repair Yard’ in the 21st century.


Drydocks Specifications


Name Dock Type(m) Length(m) Width(m) Lifting Capacity
Dock 1 Floating 230 48 30,000 MT
Dock 2 Floating 155 25   8,500 MT
Dock 3 Floating 129,4 23   6,500 MT