SHG Shanhaiguan


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SHG Shanhaiguan Shipyard, established in 1972

Owned by CSIC, representing a large, first grade national governmental enterprise, one of the biggest ship repair facilities in China. The shipyard’s main scope of work is ship repair, conversions and specialized repairs for all types of ships. It is capable to carry out more than 100 repairs annually.

The shipyard covers an area of 3,116,000m2, which includes 2,088,000m2 land areas and 1,028,000m2 harbor basin areas. There are 19 quays of 5641.6m length in total. There are steel treatment plant, piping fabrication workshop, hull association workshop, subsection installation & welding workshop and complex coating shop and other production equipments. There are over 6000 sets of facility including 600 tons gantry crane, tug boats, 1250 tons hydraulic machineries, edge planers, guillotines, steel pre-treatment line, sheet flattening machine, pipe bending machines, 10 meters lathes, submerged arc welding machines, co2 protection welding machines, CNC steel cutters, plasma cutting machines and photo-electric tracing cutting machines. 


Drydocks Specifications


Name Dock Type Length (M) Width (M) Draft (M)
Dock 1 Graving Dock 440 100 12
Dock 2 Graving Dock 340 64 12.8
Dock 3 Graving Dock 320 56 13.3
Dock 4 Graving Dock 260 50 13
Dock 5 Graving Dock 240 39 11.4
Dock 6 Graving Dock 170 28 9.8

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