MTG Dolphin


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MTG Dolphin Shipyard is located at the northern shore of Varna lake, right in the middle between Varna East and Varna West port, with unrestricted access to the Black Sea.

A team of over 700 professionals with considerable experience in the industry work hard for delivering quality shipbuilding, repair and docking service to our customers from all over the world.



Investments made in new hull workshop, which will be fully covered, with heavy crane equipment for elaboration of large sections, blocks and indoor building of specialized ships.

Nowadays MTG Dolphin is one of the leading shipyards in Black Sea/ Mediterranean Sea region. More than 25 years of experience in repairs of vessels of up to 60’000t. More than 10 years of building of highly technological and complex vessels of up to 16’000t.


Drydocks Specifications


Name Dock Type(m) Length(m) Width(m) Lifting Capacity
Dock 1 Floating 205 31,5    18.000 MT
Dock 2 Floating 150 24,4      8.500 MT

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