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Marine Ship Repair Yard Gryfia S.A:


For many years now, the Marine Ship Repair Yard Gryfia S.A. has successfully dealt with repairs, rebuildings and newbuilds which are realised for the needs of our clients. We undertake difficult and complicated tasks. Experienced staff and technical possibilities are attracting to our wharfs ships of the world’s largest owners.


MSR Gryfia S.A. was created as a result of the merger of two West Pomeranian plants, which have operated as one company since September of 2013. The Yard is in possession of production plants, in Szczecin and Świnoujście, respectively. The beginnings of the activity of Szczecin-based Yard date back to early 1950’s. The plant in Świnoujście, which has operated since 1968, is equally experienced.

The Yard offers services in terms of repairs, rebuildings and new builds. We carry out damage repairs and class inspection of ships. For more than 15 years, it has also been a producer of “Offshore” steel structures.



Drydocks Specifications


Name Dock Type(m) Length(m) Width(m)
Dock 1 Floating 216 35
Dock 2 Floating 156 26
Dock 3 Floating 137 21,5
Dock 4 Floating 125 19,7
Dock 5 Floating 115 18,3
Dock 6 Floating 46,3 14,5