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DMHI is located in Romania, on route from Black Sea, south of Mangalia (43°49’ latitude & 28°34’ longitude), 45 km south of Constanta-Agigea Harbor and 2 km of Mangalia Harbor and 400 Km distance from Bosfor Pass. This shipyard, through its ideal location to the Black sea opening into Mediteranean Sea, is blessed with a mild climate providing the best conditions for newbuilding and shiprepair activity.


With a strong reputation of more than 30 years within the ship repair market, continued in the past years by a successful breakthrough and exclusively consolidation in the new shipbuilding market since 2015 to date.

Past experience and excellent results in complex ship repair & conversion work as well as our unique facilities for repairs is recommending DMHI as the right choice for all kinds of repair works, from routine maintenance up to major conversions for ships up to 250,000 DWT, including major steel, blasting and painting works, machinery overhauling and upgrading, as well all kinds of steel outfitting, piping and electrical works.


Drydocks Specifications


Name Dock Type(m) Length(m) Width(m) Draft (m)
Dock No1 Graving 360 60 13
Dock  No2 Graving 320 48 9
Dock  No3 Graving 302 48 9

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