Reception Dinner: MAST Maritime Services S.A. & Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard

On March 15th of 2023, MAST Maritime Services S.A. hosted a reception dinner at the prestigious Lighthouse, located in Stavros Niarchos Foundational Cultural Center, to honor the fruitful and long-lasting cooperation with Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard.

The event was attended by a host of distinguished guests, including the Chairman and General Manager of Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard, Mr. Wu Zhixiang, prominent members of the Chinese embassy, and representatives of leading Greek shipping companies.

Speaker: Mr. Wu ZhiXiang, Chairman and General Manager of Huafeng Shipyard

Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard is an impressive facility located in Baiquan Town, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City. It boasts a vast area of 447,336 square meters and a total coastline of 1,728 meters, making it one of the largest shipyards in China.

With over 4,000 employees, the shipyard is well-equipped to provide comprehensive vessel maintenance, modification, and repair services to its clients. Its excellent equipment and facilities, combined with a team of skilled professionals and a rigorous quality control system, have enabled it to establish a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient shipyards in the region.

The Reception Dinner at Lighthouse was a resounding success, providing an excellent opportunity for MAST Maritime Services S.A. to express their gratitude to their Principals at Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard.

Managing Directors of MAST Maritime Services S.A., Left: Mr. Katsoulakis Manos, Right: Mr. Neamonitis Stamatis

The Managing Directors of MAST Maritime Services, Mr. Stamatios Neamonitis and Mr. Manos Katsoulakis, stated on the event: “We are particularly happy for our successful collaboration with the Chinese shipyard Zhoushan Huafeng. With the full lifting of pandemic restrictions, we are even more optimistic about the future and are committed to continue with the same high standards for an even more successful and constructive continuation.”

In addition to the delightful cuisine and lively conversations, the reception dinner was further enriched by the enchanting music performances of Ms. Thomais Apergi.

The event underscored the close ties that exist between the Greek and Chinese maritime industries and highlighted the importance of continued collaboration between the two countries. With both companies committed to upholding the highest standards, the future looks bright for this longstanding and prosperous collaboration.

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