MAST Maritime Services S.A. is the Exclusive Representative of Offshore Reparos Navais – Brasil

Offshore Reparos Navais offers solutions to operational problems along Brazilian cost, supplying a laboratory of competent and skilled personnel.

Inspections, maintenance services and test for lifeboat, steelworks services, machining and local machining services are some of the related products.

List of area of services:

  • Diesel Engines

ORN has skilled workforce able to respond to short notice customer requirements, highly valuable for client emergencies, not only at Rio de Janeiro area but also many other parts of Brasil and South America.

Bergen Diesel
and others

  • Thrusters

Offshore Reparos Navais are specialists in the overhaul, refit and repair of CPP and Thruster systems. They have over 30 years’ experience in propulsion systems on a broad range of vessels.

Drydock or in-service work can be performed by experienced team closely with ship Superintendents and shipyard personnel to achieve approved overhauls within the demanding time scales of drydock periods.
Offshore Reparos Navais is experienced on providing outsourced manpower and personnel services to assist and support equipment makers service engineers.

  • Steelworks

Offshore Reparos Naval workshop, which is ISO-9001 certified by DNV, is well equipped, capable of processing mild steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials. ORN is also capable on structural steelwork and specialized in difficult fabrication and installation projects. Major fabrication undertaken include: tanks, ducting, major pipe works and others.

  • Oil Mist Detection

Offshore Reapros Navais is the exclusive representative and service partner for Schaller Automation in Brazil. Schaller Automation is the maker of the VISATRON.

VISATRON® Oil Mist Detection Systems:

  • Short Response Time
  • Operational Reliability
  • High Sensitivity
  • Free of Wear and Tear
  • Low Maintenance Cost

The VISATRON® Systems are suitable for:

  • Diesel, Gas or Dual Fuel Engines
  • Stroke or 4 Stroke

Offshore Reparos Navais has properly trained personnel to carry out thermography analysis on equipment. The analysis detects temperature variations and immediately spots over heating that would never be found with naked eyes.

Thermography analysis are commonly performed on the following applications:

  • Electrical Panels
  • Breakers
  • Switches
  • Motors
  • Rotors
  • Bearings
  • Transformers
  • Cable Connections
  • Bus Bars
  • Capacitors
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Cranes and Davits Certification
  • Lifeboat / Davits Inspections
  • Tests / Certifications
  • Structural repairs
  • Borescope Inspections

Borescope offer the best image quality available in a flexible scope. Flexibility allows the scope to be used for applications that do not have straight line of sight such as engines and gearboxes. Units include distal tip articulation and interchangeable optical tip adapters to maximize image quality for the specifics of your application.

Borescope Systems Available for Rent:

  • High Resolution Display
  • High Intensity Light Source
  • Camera Control Unit (CCU)
  • Digital Storage or Videotape

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