Headway ballast water treatment receives USCG approval.

Vessels fitted with HEADWAY OCEANGUARD will be allowed to trade and carry out de-ballasting operations in U.S. territorial waters without issues or limitations.
Mast Maritime Services S.A. proudly represents OCEANGUARD BWMS in Greece, acting as agent of Headway Technology Co., Ltd. which is a professional Manufacturer of High-tech Marine Equipment.

OCEANGUARD BWMS can be modularized or loose type and is designed and developed by HEADWAY OCEANGUARD adopts chemical treatment through Advanced-Electro-catalysis method with a lot of advantages such as:

  • No corrosion to vessel’s structure
  • IMO compliance,
  • Low power consumption
  • Safe & Non-corrosion with no harmful by product
  • Highly Effective Sterilization meeting USCG standards
  • Small Footprint

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