Pioneer technologies that undoubtedly lead the sector

Energy Efficiency


Our Energy Efficiency Development department is set to fill the gap whilst eliminating the concerns about the upcoming regulations for the reduction of carbon emissions. In association with our exclusive principal "Chinese Scientific Research Center"- CMES-Tech, we apply pioneer technologies that undoubtedly lead the energy efficiency sector and push the industry to evolve.



Reviewing all the available technical information of the ship to carry out a full, in-depth evaluation of the fleet’s energy profile, while working together to determine the current compliance status.
Moreover, our wide contacts network enable us to find any missing drawings/documents which often result in the optimal result.

Required & Attained EEXI study

Reference speed and EPL calculation

Technical file, ready to submit

ESD improvement proposal

Energy Saving Technologies


Our company provide a variety of services to assist in the improvement of EEXI & CII rating. 
Installation of Energy Upgrades is the suggested and steadily followed method worldwide :

Pre-Shrouded Vanes, PSV 3-8%

Hub Vortex Absorb Fins, HVAF 2-5%

Bulb and Fins on Rudder 3-5%

High Efficiency Propeller 3-5%

Propeller trail edge trimming 10-15% of load

Wind-Assisted Propulsion ~ 10%

energy saving devices

Naval & Engineering

We, MAST Maritime Services S.A. are more than happy to offer a complete Turn-Key solution that is set to drive the marine fleet through the upcoming regulations effortlessly.

From energy solution selection to EEXI Verification.

Solution selection

Hydrodynamic CFD simulation and optimization

Model testing

Production & Installation

Sea trial & New EEXI evaluation

CII Rating

Considering the currently premature phase of the Carbon Intensity Index (CII) as a measure, our services are offered in a preliminary stage with potential transition to final when the time comes.

Calculation of the annual CII rating

CII improvement study

Ready to be included in SEEMP

Operational procedures and guidelines for the best rating

What's Next

We are more than happy to receive your inquiries for the EEXI-CII evaluation studies of your fleet in view of the upcoming measurements.In case you are interested in alternative energy efficiency development solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us as we offer a wide variety of solutions.