3D laser scanning is the most accurate method to acquire 3D digital data

Nowadays time and cost saving is the most essential issue for owners/managers.

Our 3D scanning engineers ensure a planned and risk balanced result for modification or retrofit installation of equipment by reducing the potential for cost and budget over-runs.

3D Laser scanning is the most accurate method to acquire 3D digital data for retrofit/modification tasks saving precious and costly time for ship operators.

A calculated design process is derived in order to avoid any unforeseen obstacles during the installation projects, so the owners/managers minimize the actual “idle” time of their ship.

By the use of specialized software, the data collected named “point cloud” is used to create a 3D CAD model of the specimen geometry fast, efficiently and accurate.
The data is interfaced with all CAD platforms usually with AutoCAD to allow verification between “as-built” and “new design” scan data.

The process can be visualized through web portal interfaces, enabling editing across geographical continents facilitating the process of design approvals.

The CAD design model can then be drawn in Isometric 2D drawings simplifying the installation phase of the project.

3D scanning minimizes potential hazards and risks since it guarantees the following results during the installation phase of any project:

•  Budget the installation phase accurately.
•  Minimizing cost of consumable materials, piping and equipment.
•  Reduces man-hour activities and labor input/costs.
•  Ensures fitting of pre-fabricated items eliminating the possibility of change orders.
•  Risk mitigation by reducing on-site labor.
•  Preventing change orders.

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